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Aidan Shaw is a love interest of Carrie Bradshaw. The first time they dated, Aidan broke up with Carrie when she confesses to sleeping with Mr. Big. Sometime after his relationship with Carrie, Aidan does get married and has 3 children.

John Joseph Corbett (born May 9, ) is an American actor and country music singer. He is known for his roles as Chris Stevens on CBS' Northern Exposure and as Aidan Shaw on HBO's Sex and the City. He reprised the latter role for the film sequel Sex and the City 2 ().

Caroline Marie “Carrie” Bradshaw (born October 10, ) is the protagonist of the HBO Carrie is a New York City columnist and fashionista; her weekly column, "Sex and the City," provides the narration for each episode. She lives in this apartment throughout the series, having bought it from Aidan in the fourth season.